Love is in the air...
The Stockholm Malt & Metal Society have a lot of love in their hearts for:

Clydesdale - the way a whisky-importer should be. Check out the web-site and realise why you need all those independent bottlings, and dangerously easy to get from the site as well...

Whiskyfun. Just as we thought we were the only malt-whisky and music society of the world, we discovered Whiskyfun. More people like us! The world is our oyster. and so on.

Clarksons of Scotland. Ever wondered how to move 14 Malt & Metal Society members around the highlands? A huge (and I mean HUGE) van from Clarksons, with their exceptional service is the answer to all your questions.

Royal Mile Whiskies. The ultimate store for buying your malt. Great service, fantastic range. The only negative side is your finances (or lack of the same) once you start browsing the site.

ourselsves at myspace... there is no love like loving yourself.
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...but even more importantly - become friends with our cask! He hasn't got much but time on his hands, so a few virtual friends will cheer him up.

Glenfarclas - the mother of all malts! If you haven't tried it... the Whisky-God knows where you live.

Henke Walse - divine creator of the Stockholm Malt&Metal society logo. check out to see why this is the coolest art-director alive today.

Magnus Johansson - the über-webmaster we all bow down to. His website is your law.

Sandy Smart - chef at Dufftown restaurant A Taste Of Speyside. Not only brilliant food, but excellent drinks and a fantastic atmosphere.

Duncan Smart - Sandy's brother... Eddie-tattoo! Say No More!

John Prudhoe - Dufftown friend! Thanks for a great evening at The Royal Oak!

Sari Huttunen @ Philipson Söderberg, for helping us out with the amazing merchandise you can find under "Merchandise" (obviously.) - well, until they stick whisky, music and beer on their site it's not exactly all our favourite things... but a good few nice things are to be found here!

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