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Music... and whisky. That's what it's all about.
Music... and whisky. That's what it's all about.
What is the Stockholm Malt & Metal Society?
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On the 1:st day God created the heavens and earth, thereafter he created almost everything else, managing to squeeze in a nice rest after a few days. On the 8:th day he thought to himself "the last Johnny Cash-album is really good actually. Would be nice together with a Glenfarclas" But, unfortunately he had noone to tell. (And noone to tell him that an 8 days old whisky would taste slightly immature. And not really legally be allowed to call whisky, but that's only minor details, he had just created all things worldly in a week.)
A few minutes later the Stockholm Malt & Metal Society was formed.

We are a whisky, beer and music club. Discovering that several of us had similar interests - being drinking whisky and beer and listening to music, or talking about whisky, beer and great new music - we thought: why not do this together?
Today we have 25 members who meet in Stockholm, Sweden every three months and try four or five whiskies followed by four ales, stouts or bitters.
The one rule is to bring the best song you know right now. Be it a new song or a classic, no matter what style of music (yes, you are allowed to play other than Metal!), you must bring a song and introduce it and let us know why you chose it.
We have also been out travelling, spreading the gospel of Stockholm Malt & Metal Society - but more about that in the Travels section.

To join, one must come reccomended from another member and be reasonably interested in... well, whisky, beer and music. If you have any questions or comments - feel free to drop a note in our guestbook! (or, if you actually want an answer, write us an email at

Or if you are one of these hip youngsters who's on Facebook, make sure to join our group there. If you're old-school with your myspace-page, make sure to become one of our friends by visiting us at ! (well, it's the internet's version of vinyl after all.)

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