Scotland A Go Go
Farmers, lock up your sheep... we're heading over to Scotland again this autumn!
Watch this space for more details.
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New honorary member
A question we often get is how to become a member of our fine society. Well, as Coldplay so wisely put it: Noone said it would be easy, but noone said it would be this hard.
So, no wonder we thought we'd put a little post up as we have an honorary member in former Whisky Magazine Editor Dominic Roskrow. One of the finest whisky writers on earth, we think, though that has nothing to do with the fact he has become a member. He has however seen Ronnie Dio twice with Sabbath on the Mob Rules tour. That sold us. Welcome Dominic to Swedens finest Malt & Metal Society!
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RIP Peo Berghagen

One of the finest people this planet has ever known has left us suddenly. Peo was the sweetest person, always with an appetite for good music, good whisky and good times. We are devastated and the emptiness he leaves behind is indescribable. Words just can not do Peo justice. We are honored to have had the chance to drink with Peo, listen to his krautrock and above all, sit in the hills of Scotland listening to his stories. Peo: you will always be in our hearts, and we know that you'll be picking the best casks in heaven to get your share. We love you. Read more »
Lazy Whisky-clubs 'r us
No news or updates for a while from your favourite whisky-club, eh? Well, we know. It's just we've been busy elsewhere, solving global warming, third world hunger, growth of world population and the greek finances. Once we get that out of the way, we're back for more whisky and frequent updates. Talking about Frequency, we actually managed to find some time to release a couple of beers as well in Sweden:


If you don't live in Sweden, those links just aren't much help, are they? But then again, we've told you before and will tell you again: just move here. OK? Now, head over and order some beer! Read more »
and other cool, hip, like, ultra-cool online expressions are not our strong forte. We actually couldn't give a toss about them.
But what we DO care about is beer (the clue is in the "malt" bit of the name, isn't it?). And, noone does beer as good as our good friends at FrEQuency. Head over and like them. It's a facebook thing, you know. Read more »
We don't usually lend this space to market other people, unless we think they're great people. And we just happen to think that swedish magazine Allt om Whisky have a few great people. So, why not head over to Facebook (it's a site on the internet - you should check it out!) and like them as well?
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